Leveraging more agency labour saves businesses big money.

In the current UK labour market, the emphasis on cost savings has never been more significant. The Recruitment industry, with a market size of £42.9bn in 2023, plays a crucial role in this cost-conscious environment. With over 1.6 million temporary employees in the UK, the cost benefits of leveraging a flexible workforce are clear.

The use of temporary workers allows businesses to maintain optimal staffing levels, adjusting to their evolving needs. By doing so, they significantly reduce overall staffing costs. This is because temporary workers ensure that regular employees remain highly productive without being overstretched.

The advantages of employing temporary workers go beyond mere surface-level observations.

Here are salient ways in which temporary staff can enhance business operations, with a particular focus on cost-efficiency:


Cost Management
Temporary staffing allows businesses to augment their teams without the financial commitment associated with permanent hires. This flexibility ensures that during periods of heightened demand, the workforce can be scaled up, and scaled down when demand wanes, leading to considerable cost savings.

The adoption of temporary staffing strategies is not only efficient but also a key driver in cost management for businesses.

Typically, a well-managed temporary staffing solution that is flexed to match the changing dynamic of a business’s needs reduces an employer’s payroll costs. By way of example, 10 people not required for one week can save an employer close to £5,000 as illustrated below (assumes 37 hours living wage plus usual Employer NI and Holiday provision).


Quick Workforce Scaling
For businesses venturing into large projects or considering an overhaul of specific operations, temporary staff offer a swift and budget-friendly solution to ramp up workforce strength.


Fast-track Hiring
Hiring people through a good recruitment agency is the fastest way to fill your roles, however many. Recruiting temps eliminates the need to run any ads, screen people and then arrange interviews and wait for people to serve notice. It is not uncommon for employers to flex a pre inducted workforce through an agent on a day-to-day basis avoiding lengthy interview processes and notice periods. Reliable recruitment agencies maintain available temp workers, ensuring that they can be dispatched at short notice, ensuring no loss of productivity.


Efficient Recruitment Cover
Bringing in a temp during the recruitment phase for a permanent role relieves pressure, ensuring there’s no rush in hiring. This not only reduces costs associated with hurried recruitment but also ensures a smoother transition for the recruit.


Trial Periods
Offering temporary positions as a “working interview” is a cost-effective way to assess suitability for a permanent role. This approach minimises recruitment missteps, potentially saving substantial sums in the long run.


Identifying Future Leaders
It’s notable that 36% of managers began their careers as temporary staff. This statistic underlines the potential of finding and nurturing future leadership talent in a cost-effective manner.


Introducing New Skills
Temporary staff often bring fresh skills and insights, introducing innovative solutions that could lead to long-term cost savings. Their diverse experience can provide a fresh lens through which existing processes are viewed, driving efficiency.


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