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ID: 101987

Salary: per annum

Contract Type: perm

Job Type: fulltime

Town: Manchester

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Logistics & Transportation

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Job Description

Transport Planner


£28,000 – £32,000

Shift : Sunday to Thursday Time: 12:00 to 22:00 hours- 50 hours per week

Our client is one of the leading Road Transport Companies. They operate to the highest accredited professional standards and are anything but the stereotypical transport company. 

They have a comprehensive fleet of modern vehicles, and guarantee to customers a personal and professional service. That aims to meet all their airfreight and domestic transport needs. Our vehicles have the state-of-the-art telematics to ensure the job gets done. 

As a growing and progressive company, we are looking to continue build the best team, to be the face of our brand

·A ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to take on significant challenges 

·Build relationships with Clients through constant contact and advocacy by offering advice, solutions, and proactive issue management. 

·Coordinate the movement of incoming and outgoing shipments, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to schedules

·Develop and implement effective traffic management strategies for freight building and haulage operations

·Develop and implement plans that will lead to improvement in Company profit

·Oversee the order process for Goldstar to maintain standard KPIs.

·Data analysis and Oversight of Goldstar schedule and operations

·Monitor and manage all transportation activities, including tracking shipments, coordinating with carriers, and resolving any issues or delays

·Ensuring continuous review and improvements of operational processes to ensure accuracy, standards, and compliance

·Ensure compliance with transportation regulations, including safety protocols, and maintain accurate records of all transportation activities

·Deliver upon contract service level agreements, expectations, and value proposition

·Utilise transportation management systems and software to manage and track shipments effectively

·Identify and resolve any issues or bottlenecks in transportation operations to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of goods

·Maintain records and prepare reports on transportation activities

·Manage logistics software to optimize transportation operation

·Collaborate with other departments to ensure effective supply chain management

·Direct and guide drivers to designated loading and unloading areas

·Monitor and manage traffic flow to prevent congestion and ensure a safe environment

·Analyse transportation data and industry trends to optimize routing and scheduling of vehicles

·Resolve any conflicts or issues that may arise during vehicle movement and traffic management

·Entering orders into the system

·Preparing quotes for customers

·Preparing routes and load plans for the fleet of HGV’s

·Any other task as mentioned by the management

Technical Skills:

·Knowledge of traffic control procedures and regulations

·Strong understanding of logistics distribution, Familiarity with transportation management systems and software

·Proficiency in Microsoft Office application, Proficiency in using GPS and tracking systems to monitor shipments or traffic management software

·Ability to manage comprehensive reviews, Ability to interpret transportation regulations and ensure compliance

·Understanding of safety regulations and protocols

·Ability to interpret and apply traffic management plans

·Experience in preparing and tracking order

·Understanding of transport methods, costs, and benefits, Excellent organizational and time management skills to handle multiple shipments and tasks simultaneously

·Numeracy accuracy

Behavioural skills

·Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

·Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

·Negotiation skills and management of third-party vendors/carriers

·Ability to work independently, under pressure and in a team environment

·Strong organisation skills and time management skills

·Proactive approach to anticipate transportation issues and implement preventive measures

·Flexibility and adaptability to adjust plans and schedules based on changing customer demands or external factors

Soft Skills

·Customer service orientation

·Flexibility and adaptability to changing priorities and demands

·Attention to detail and accuracy

Professional Qualification or experience required

·Previous experience in Import/Export preferred

·Previous experience in Haulage Planning essential




Logistics & Transportation

Workforce Staffing Ltd


Sam Clarkson

01527 390040

Division Workforce Professional


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