Is Your Business Ready For GDPR?

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Our GDPR eLearning course will help prepare your staff for the new General Data Protection Regulations.


40 minute GDPR tutorial covering all aspects of GDPR, roles and responsibilities, reasons and ramifications.


Deliver the training to an unlimited number of employees in one go reducing downtime and distraction for your business to next to none.


See staff progress and when they have all completed the training. All users assessed with a test at the end of the tutorial. 75% score to pass.


Certificate provided to you and the employee confirming that they have completed the course and have attained a good level of understanding.

It is anticipated that most breaches of GDPR will happen through negligence or ignorance of the facts at a ground level as opposed to systems breaches.

There is NO grace period.
Your policies and procedures must be in place by May 2018

The biggest area of risk of a breach is staff not being aware of their role and responsibility in adhering to GDPR – and the consequences of such.