Safely covering sickness & self-isolation
Maintaining worker availability in a safe, secure and compliant fashion

Leveraging our technology to screen and deploy applicants safely

To assist in delaying the virus and mitigating its effects, we are reducing the need for face-to-face, physical contact in our recruitment processes.

By increasing the use of our online and social platforms we aim to protect workers and maintain safe availability particularly in Transport, Driving and Warehousing.

Video Interviewing Platform
Digital Applications
Fast, Safe, Compliant
Online inductions to safely speed up people’s readiness to start
115% increased exposure on social platforms

We’re asking people to confirm that they are well and able to work

Additional Screening and Health checks throughout Registration, Job Briefings and Induction Processes.
We are following government guidelines and screening our workers travel plans.

We have also implemented health declarations and questionnaires have been in place for some time to complement all the usual checks we undertake.

Regular team briefings and high levels of communication with our workers are in place ensuring we are keeping people up to date with the latest safety briefings so that we can keep people as safe as possible.

Video Assessment & Interviews
Everyone at Workforce has access to video interview technology so that we may continue to connect and provide a high level of support and engagement with our our clients and candidates. This service can also be extended to you and your team to undertake interviews at no extra cost.

Given a lot of our service is delivered onsite and at many of our customer premises we will continue to be on hand and readily available. Additionally and should the need arise we can extend online video meetings to your team so that we may conduct reviews remotely.

The above steps will mean we can safely continue to administer high levels of applications, meet your needs and provide continuity to our workforce during the coming weeks.

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