Apply, register and interview for jobs online
Using technology to reduce people’s exposure to Coronavirus

Leveraging our technology to recruit and deploy workers safely

To assist in delaying the virus and its effects, we are reducing the need for face-to-face, physical contact in our recruitment processes.

By increasing the use of our online and social platforms we aim to protect all our candidates and our staff – and help ensure everyone can continue working as much as possible.

Apply & Register for jobs on our websites – all of which are optimised for phones
We’ll call and/or email you back as soon as possible
We’ll contact you to set up a video chat consultation – which you can do on your phone, tablet or PC
We’re asking people to confirm that they are well and able to work
We’ll ask successful applicants to take part in an online induction before starting – again you can do this on your phone, tablet or PC
We’ll stay in touch once you start to help you settle in and ensure all is well with you