MP Matt Warman has been tasked with leading a review into the future of work – looking at how the government can support the UK labour market as it navigates the turmoil of Brexit, recovering from the pandemic, and battling against the rising cost of living.

Considering the lack of insight into the long-awaited Employment Bill in May’s speech from the Queen, this review is designed to bring together experts across the labour and employment market to gain insight into the issues and recommendations that the government could consider and action to support companies and workers.

So, who is doing the review and what is it likely to uncover?

Matt Warman MP – Who is he?

Matt Warman previously served as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, giving him experience and knowledge across a range of industries which bolster the employment market. These include tech, science, and media – all of which are integral to the modern employment industry in recognising the need for modern skills and a bridge between technology and existing systems.

As such, his connections in this vast selection of industries give him a head start in understanding where the government needs to focus its support, attention, and funding in giving the UK economy and employment market the boost it needs.

How will the review be managed by the Government?

The idea behind the review is to consider what needs to be addressed in supporting the future of work – both for companies and for individual workers. With broader skills required across a range of industries and roles, to enable companies to keep up with ever-changing technology and complex systems, the government wants to find ways of filling gaps in companies and giving workers the power to hone their own skills for career development and opportunity.

The review should, over time, spotlight and uncover the areas of the employment market which need support. Workforce will be keeping an eye on proceedings, reporting back to you when we know more!