We’ve all felt the job-hunting fatigue. 

You’re a few applications in, maybe you’ve even had a few rejection emails, and your enthusiasm may be waning slightly. While we all know (or we should do!) that each job requires a personalised application, rather than the same one copied and pasted again and again, you start to do just that. 

Well stop right there! 


In today’s job market, the best positions will have plenty of applicants all vying for an interview, and ultimately, the job in question. With so many CVs and covering letters to pour over, recruiters and hiring managers will do anything they can to narrow down their search as quickly as possible. 

As a result, while it may have taken you many, many hours to perfectly craft a CV that brilliantly showcases your skills and experience, if it fails to grab and keep a hold of the attention of the person who’s reading it in the first few seconds, you might have fallen at the first hurdle.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the very best tips for ensuring your next application stands out from the crowd! Keep reading…


Pick a killer opener

How should a cover letter start? You can bet 99% of all the cover letters in the world begin with the same sort of thing. Make yours part of the 1%! Keep it professional of course, but remember that now’s your chance to grab your reader from the off.


Show some personality

Remember, the purpose of sending off a job application isn’t necessarily to get a job. Well, that’s the end goal, of course, but your primary focus at this stage is to get the company interested enough to want to meet you for an interview! Keep in mind that there’s a real person at the other end of the email who will be able to relate to your human side. Again, keep it professional please!


Flex your industry knowledge – or at least your willingness to learn!

Aside from putting down all your skills and experience relevant to the job description, you should be letting the other person know you actually know what you’re talking about! Be sure to use terminology relevant to the job role. And if you haven’t any experience in the industry yet, let your reader know how keen you are to pick it all up.


Use power words

 Before being read by a real person, lots of companies use software to filter applications and create a shortlist – especially bigger companies who can expect to get hundreds of applications for each position. To ensure you make the cut, pepper power words from the job listing and some you feel best describe you into your CV. Words like:

  • Adaptable
  • Dependable 
  • Goal-oriented
  • Passionate
  • Responsible
  • Leader
  • Organised
  • Innovative
  • Achieved 
  • Implemented
  • Developed
  • Accomplished
  • and more!


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