Are you feeling a little lost looking for a graduate job? The scary world of work is rapidly approaching for newly graduated university students, but where do you start? Choosing a career path becomes particularly difficult when your degree isn’t as specific as Medicine or Law, for example, when it is expected you will follow these studies within their respective industries.

For those struggling to decide which sector they should venture into for graduate employment opportunities, a good starting point is narrowing down your skills and attributes, then matching them to industries.

Are you driven by results? Do you have a competitive nature? Enjoy building new relationships? Being determined, goal-oriented and sociable partly make up the building blocks of being a successful recruitment consultant.

Sound a bit like you? According to the Recruitment and Employment Federation, since 2008, recruitment agencies in the UK have doubled their income, making it a multi-billion-dollar industry accounting for almost half of the UK’s manufacturing jobs. Have a read on to find out why more graduates should choose a career in recruitment.

The Financial Incentive

There are strong financial incentives for good performance within the recruitment sector. Essentially, the more successful you are, the better your reward. Aside from commission, though, there are many more performance perks to working in recruitment. Team nights out, summer and Christmas parties, and plenty of opportunities to win internal competitions.

At Workforce, everyone gets to benefit from the generosity of our directors. Whether it be at the annual summer garden party, office Christmas party, or endless internal competitions – from scavenger hunts to bake-offs, if you can turn it into a competition with a prize, we all want to take part!

[Pictured below: our scavenger hunt in Birmingham, 2018]

Progression Opportunities

Like with many other recruitment agencies, Workforce gives trainee recruitment consultants many opportunities to grow skills and expand their network. From developing sales and marketing skills to perfecting customer service, recruitment will give you a chance to find your strongest area and thrive within it.

Graduates that choose the recruitment industry will be able to progress quickly up the ladder as they hit targets and gain influence within their sector.

[Pictured below: our apprentices Jacob and Codie who were offered permanent roles within our business upon their apprenticeship completion]


Recruitment culture is a sociable culture. Much of the graft involves meeting clients, building relationships, and supporting your team and colleagues. Working alongside a team of people who want everyone to succeed, rather than just themselves, makes for a motivating workplace environment.


At Workforce, we work hard and play hard. We love what we do and our offices are full of extremely talented individuals. Think you’d fit the bill?

[Pictured below: one of our Christmas parties]

If this sounds like a bit of you, why not contact us for a confidential chat with one of our consultants? Or, if you are looking for new talent, speak with one of our agents to ensure you get the best of the best in your company.


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