Hiring and onboarding can be tiresome and often stressful tasks. Just these two reasons alone are enough for companies to consider using a recruitment agency instead of proceeding internally.

Recruiters are experts at finding and hiring new talents for businesses – we have already done the research, we have databases full of eligible candidates, and can streamline the hiring process for you. 

If you still need convincing, though, here’s three good reasons to use a recruitment agency:

Using an agency reduces your costs and saves time

Dedicating internal staff to researching potential candidates is time consuming and expensive for businesses who don’t already have the expertise and resources that recruiters have at hand.

Let’s say you decide to devote 15 hours a week for an employee to spend on hiring new talent. Over the course of the year, that’s worth almost 20 weeks of working days. When time = money, is 140 full working days worth it?

Through using an agency such as Workforce, you have the added advantage of utilising our bespoke App, which makes shift swapping and holiday booking even easier for your candidates and communication much smoother.

We also offer to reward YOUR temps – this year we launched our very own temporary worker of the month competition, awarding one temp each month a voucher worth £50 for their hard work. It’s never been easier to find and hold brilliant temporary workers!

Better candidate quality

Recruitment agencies have access to a high-quality database full of eligible candidates that we can skills match to your specific role. 

We recruit for a wide spectrum of roles, from warehousing and industrial positions to office professional and senior technical jobs. Through several different mediums, such as social media leads, online registrations, and job boards, we have a constant influx of candidates ready and rearing to work.

Rather than having a hiring manager who may only be on the hunt for candidates if and when a new vacancy arises, our databases are constantly added to. Agencies such as ourselves, therefore, have a much better, broader selection of candidates for your role.

Airtight screening procedures

Using an agency means gaining the advantage of using our airtight screening procedures to ensure your workers are thoroughly checked before they enter your premises.

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you never have to worry about illegal workers. Our systems are safe, robust, and compliant. We have perfected our co-ordination to guarantee you will not receive any pay queries from disgruntled candidates.


Do you have any more queries about working with a recruitment agency? Why not contact us today for a chat about your hiring prospects. 

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