The pandemic has forced many of us to adjust to the reality of work-from-home life. What kind of remote worker are you? The up at 7, fully dressed, home office, go-for-a-walk-at-lunch kind? Or are you the type to wake up at 8.59am, pull your laptop on top of the bed and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy throughout the afternoon?

As restrictions have started to ease, the comfort of working at home all week is dissipating. However, whilst there are benefits to working remotely, now isn’t the time to dwell on what will be missed. That’s why we’ve thought of six great reasons you should be looking forward to going into the office.

1. Remote inductions make settling into a new job difficult

Starting a new position remotely can feel disorienting and pretty daunting. If you’re naturally quite shy, it’s even worse. Starting work in the office as opposed to online means you get to know the company and its components quicker and better. You understand the company culture, get to know the other employees, and can generally figure out if the role is suitable for you.

2. Communication is easier, quicker, and often more productive

If you have a question for another colleague in the office, it is common sense to simply nip over to their desk rather than send an email or Team’s message. It’s quicker, easier, and often more productive. General work chitchat whilst making a cuppa can easily escalate into productive and goal-oriented conversations that can boost productivity and act as a subconscious reminder of company objectives.

3. In-office working reinforces employee sense of purpose and company goals

Spending time with your colleagues in the office helps encourage your sense of purpose and reinforces company goals. It’s actually been scientifically proven that being around people who share a common goal with you will help to reinforce the goal in everyone.

4. Separation between work and home becomes easier as work/life balance resets

In a recent Guardian article, it’s been shown that studies have been made into remote workers who are chronically overworking. It’s easily done; the average length of time an employee spends logged on has increased by more than 2 hours per day since the pandemic hit. With a start time, finish time, and an office and home to differentiate the two, it’s perfectly viable to see how in-office working can improve our work life balance in the UK.


5. Technology insecurities are less pertinent working in-office rather than remotely

An issue often not spoken about is technological insecurity. It has even been argued that to suggest everyone can work from home is to create an inequality in opportunity. With the choice to work within the office once again, worries about having the appropriate technology and concerns about households having to share resources won’t affect the ability to work.

6. More choice on your lunch break!

Being back in the office means treating yourself to a cheeky lunch out every now and then. It’s a nice change for us all, supports local businesses, and breaks the day up. And let’s face it, after months of staring at the fridge every day deciding what to eat, it’s nice to have someone do it for us instead.

The argument between working from home and working in the office is often framed in an employer’s benefits versus employee’s benefits shape. Having employees within the office makes organisation and communication between management and staff easier, and so tends to be favoured by employers. Working from home grants employees more freedom and trust, two reasons why remote working tends to be preferred by workers.

If you were dreading the grand return, we hope we’ve eased your nerves. To find out how we can help you secure your perfect job, click here.


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