Are you ready and waiting to sit your driving test, or think you might be within the next few weeks or months? Perhaps you were in the middle of a string of lessons with your driving instructor that had to be halted due to the coronavirus pandemic?

The constant closure and reopening of the testing centres for driving exams and complete shutdown of instructors’ lessons has put many a career ambition on hold over the past twelve months – whether it’s prevented individuals from being able to drive certain classes of vehicles professionally, or stopped others from being able to commute to a new job role.

This week though, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has announced an update to the rules in England regarding when testing centres will re-open and when driving tests will be allowed to proceed in a COVID-safe way.

As part of step one of the roadmap announced by the Government on the 23rd February, the DVSA has said they intend to begin some types of testing from the end of this month, as long as the Government’s coronavirus data for England doesn’t prevent the easing of restrictions.

(For more on the Government’s roadmap to leaving lockdown, read our blog post by clicking here!)

From the 29th of March 2021, the DVSA will allow you to take:

  • A CBT
  • Motorcycle lessons with your instructor
  • A bus driving lesson and test
  • A tractor test

By the time we get to the 5th of April, we should know whether the second stage of lockdown restrictions will be eased on the 12th of April. If this goes ahead as planned, you’ll be allowed to take:

  • Car and lorry driving lessons with instructors
  • Lorry tests
  • Motorcycle tests
  • Theory tests

Also waiting to be confirmed on the 5th of April, and if step two of the Government’s roadmap is to proceed, from the 22nd of April in England:

  • Car driving tests will resume

To help you keep a track of these upcoming important dates for your diary, screenshot our handy guide below so you don’t forget!

If these rules change, we’ll be updating the blog and our social media pages so don’t forget to check back soon.

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