Today is International Women’s Day! We’re celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of all of the marvellous women in our lives.

Not only a day of celebration though, it can be a day to reflect on the hardships women have faced throughout history, discover more about the struggles women have endured to get where they are today, and learn what we can do to even up the playing field going forward.

We’ve compiled a timeline of the most important steps forward for women since the 1800s right up until the present day…

1870 – Act introduced to allow married women to keep their own earnings

1871 – Compulsory education for women introduced

1878 – Women awarded degrees in Britain for the first time by the University                    of London

1911 – The first International Women’s Day was observed around the world

1918 – Women receive right to vote

1955 – First female newsreader on TV, Barbara Mandell

1973 – Women allowed to join London Stock Exchange

1975 – Women allowed to open current account in their own name, or apply                    for a credit card or loan

1979 – First female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher

1993 – Statutory maternity leave and pay introduced for all working women

1997 – First female CEO of a FTSE 100 company – Marjorie Scardino of                            Pearson

2010 – Equality Act makes it illegal to bully or harass women in the workplace

2017 – 30 hours of free childcare a week was introduced to make it easier for                  women to return to work after having a baby

2018 – Companies larger than 250 have to publish their gender pay gap stats                  yearly

2021 – Celebrating 110 years since the first International Women’s                                     Day with the annual theme being #ChooseToChallenge

How can you support women this International Women’s Day?

Your celebrations of women this 8th March don’t have to just be based in self-reflection. If you feel like you want to take some positive steps towards appreciating the women of the world by doing something physical, here’s just a few suggestions of what you can do to mark the occasion from the comfort of your living room:


  • Donating or raising money for a female-focused charity
  • Sharing success stories and boosting the women in your life on social media
  • Read a book by a female author or about women’s history 
  • Listen to music by female artists or a podcast by women
  • Research some herstory



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