Over the past 12 months, we’ve all had to adopt to a new and improved digital world. We spend our weekends attending virtual social events, celebrate birthdays online – and the world of hiring new staff is no different.

The number of virtual job interviews being conducted by companies who’re looking to grow has skyrocketed. And it looks like the number is only going to carry on climbing; what with 70% of employers saying that they’re predicting to grow their business in 2021 in a recent report.

That’s why, at Workforce, we’re moving along with the times and have been using video conferencing application, Hinterview for quite a while now. But why is Hinterview the best system to use for your business? Allow us to fill you in…

All set up and ready to go!

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and the rest all have their strengths – but their limitations too. These platforms are all great in their own right; after all, they’ve kept us sane through a year of lockdowns! However, these systems don’t allow invites to meetings to be sent on behalf of someone else. That’s where the system we use, Hinterview, comes out on top!

With Hinterview, the headache of setting up endless interview meeting rooms for each and every single candidate is taken completely off your hands. The platform allows us to send invites on your behalf, meaning for both interviewers AND their interviewees, all you’ll have to do is click the link and you’re away and ready to roll!


Now or later

Hinterview has provision for both live and pre-recorded interviews too; giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to getting the information you need from potential candidates. Either arrange for a date and time to virtually meet with your candidates, or pre-record some interview questions that your candidate can record an answer in their own time – it’s as easy as that!


Easy as pie

From the most tech savvy to the computer illiterate, Hinterview’s interface is easy to use and navigate around. You’ll even be able to log on to the platform before hosting any interviews to have a play around and get a feel for the system.

And of course, your Workforce recruitment consultant will be the go-to guy when it comes to helping you get set up. They’re all well used to the system by now so should be able to answer any questions you may have – including last minute tech support. Likewise, the team from Hinterview themselves are also always on hand – and easily contactable through the website – if you’d rather hear the advice straight from the horse’s mouth as it were!

Beyond being easy for you and your employees to get around and start hosting interviews in a flash, Hinterview is a breeze for your potential future employees too! Your candidates will have the chance to log into the platform in advance too so they’ll be ready to interview at the simple click of a button. The Hinterview and Workforce staff are also at their disposal if they do need any help though!


Can you keep a secret?

Another great feature of the platform is the fact that all interviews are completely private. When it comes to live interviews, calls are not recorded and are not able to be accessed by anyone at Hinterview. Worry about your candidates’ data protection no more; everything stays between those taking part in the call.

Hinterview can do everything other video conferencing software can do in terms of conducting job interviews – and more! It’s just another way Workforce is levelling up our service and making the recruitment of new staff for your business as easy as can be!

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