Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced how the UK will ease out of lockdown in the coming months. Here’s a breakdown of what we can expect in the next few weeks: 


March 8

  • All children and students will return to school and college in England
  • After school and before school clubs will restart
  • Two adults from different households can meet outdoors for a hot drink – before this date meeting someone from another household outside can only be done for exercise purposes
  • Care home residents can now be allowed to see one regular visitor


March 29

  • Two families can meet outdoors and in private gardens – not just for exercise – for drinks, for picnics
  • So can a maximum of 6 people if they’re from more than 2 households
  • Outdoor sports can resume
  • Messaging from the government will change from “Stay Home” to “Stay Local
  • Encouragement to work from home still where possible
  • Overseas holidays remain banned


April 12

  • Non-essential retail shops will open along with nail salons and hairdressers
  • Libraries and museums reopen
  • Zoos, theme parks will reopen
  • Social contact rules apply in all of those settings: people can only attend with members of their own household to indoor venues
  • Gyms and pools at indoor leisure facilities will reopen
  • Hospitality venues with outdoor areas will reopen – 2 families of any size or 6 people from more than 2 households
  • NO CURFEW on hospitality, alcohol can be served without food, but customers must be seated when they order food or drink
  • Campsites and holiday lets will reopen if their indoor facilities aren’t shared with other households
  • Funerals can take place with up to 30 people
  • Weddings and wakes can take place with up to 15 people

Mid April

All of the over-50s should have had at least their first vaccine.


May 17

  • Foreign travel can restart
  • Outdoor social contact rules will be lifted, but gatherings of over 30 people will remain illegal
  • Indoor mixing is allowed for 2 households of any size or 6 people from more than 2 households
  • Indoor hospitality, hotels, B&Bs will reopen – two households of people allowed to mix within them
  • Cinemas and play areas will reopen
  • Indoor exercise areas and classes will restart
  • Indoor performances and sport will be run with up to 1,000 people or be half full (whichever is lower)
  • Outdoor venues can host crowds of 4,000 or be half full (whichever is lower)
  • Football stadiums and other large outdoor venues can hold 10,000 people or be ¼ full (whichever is lower)
  • Up to 30 people can go to wakes, funerals, receptions, weddings, christenings


Before 21st June there will be a review as to whether our current COVID status will allow us to reduce restrictions on social contact and reopening the economy fully.

Before 21st June there will also be a review on social distancing, using face masks and WFH.


June 21

  • All the limits placed on social contact will be lifted
  • Nightclubs and other sectors of the economy will finally open again
  • Large events and performances will be reopened
  • There will be no more restrictions on weddings and life events

By the end of July, the government aims to have offered vaccines to all adults




All of the previous information is subject to change and is only a predicted timeline of what will happen in the coming months.

We still have to follow the rules strictly to have any chance of complete freedom on the 21st of June – which is the absolute earliest date that all restrictions will be lifted.

As long as the following conditions remain the same, we can expect to spend summer exactly how we want:

1. The vaccines continue to be rolled out according to targets

2. The vaccines are making a significant difference to the number of COVID cases, COVID infections and COVID deaths

3. The number of cases stays low enough for the NHS not to be overwhelmed

4. No new COVID variants emerge


So, for now, stay safe and stay home, so we can have the summer we all deserve!


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