Understanding what you want is the first step when preparing for your interview.


The big day is near – you’ve been selected to attend an interview. The pressure is on; the right job can change your life.


We want to give you confidence during the interview, so here’s our guide designed to help you put yourself across in the best light.


Our guide is presented in a way to encourage you to objectively consider what you have to offer to a prospective employer. This, we hope, will make you more comfortable presenting your skills, strengths and aptitudes.


Learning how the interview process works won’t get you a job you are unsuitable for but should make sure that you can progress your career by working for companies that appreciate your skills and will align with your ambitions.


If you get particularly anxious before or during your interview, try these tips:


 1. Embrace your feelings


If you’re anxious, it probably means you care about the interview and want it to go well. Psychologically speaking, interpreting your anxiety as something useful to you will go a long way.


2. Look after your body and mind


Try to relax parts of your body that show you’re tense. Unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, take a deep breath. Try to get a good night sleep and eat a nutritious meal before the interview. Although it may seem a good idea, avoid drinking too much caffeine.


3. Visualise your success


Reciting some positive affirmations will genuinely help you. Visualising a successful interview will bring up your confidence levels.



And finally, remember that got to this part of the recruitment process for a reason. If you weren’t qualified enough, or didn’t meet the criteria, you wouldn’t have made it this far. Have some faith in yourself!



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