There has been a change to the DVSA Enforcement Sanction Policy as of February 7th 2021.


The current global situation has seen the DVSA authorise a temporary change in enforcement policy until further notice.


The policy change concerns how DVSA traffic examiners will act whilst dealing with offences during their roadside checks, specifically for overweight vehicles.


This change means that the drivers of vehicles that are 30% or more overweight will now receive a fixed penalty rather than a prosecution through the Court system.


The change is supported by The Road Safety Order of 2009, Table 5, S.41B Road Traffic Act 1988 – it states a £300 fine will be received to any driver whose vehicle is overweight by 15%. The DVSA prosecute when a vehicle is overweight by 30%.


The change will be kept under review. The DVSA reserves the right to prosecute more serious offences as well as offences deemed by an examiner as making the vehicle dangerous.


Read the full DVSA Enforcement sanctions policy here.


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