As a nation it seems we have collectively voted this lockdown as “the hardest”.


With the excitement of Christmas over and January blues settling in tougher than ever, it’s easy to see why this lockdown has been tough to manage.


It seems fair to suggest that the population of the UK are tired. Tired of the uncertainty that seems to rule our lives. Tired of being isolated from everyone. Tired of the repetitive nature of lockdown living.


Though arguably we have been feeling this way for almost a year now (!), there is also an unshakable feeling that this lockdown is worse than others.


Here’s a few reasons why Lockdown #3 has felt worse than #1 and #2.


  1. We all wanted 2021 to be different to 2020 – so far it hasn’t been.


We got ourselves through 2020 by looking forward to 2021. The start of a new year is always met with expectations of change and improvement, with these expectations heightened for 2021 due to the pandemic.


When we landed in another lockdown in January, then, it served as a sign that this year wasn’t going to be so different to 2020 after all.


However, there’s still so much to be hopeful about. The vaccine rollout is in full motion; already a Covid vaccine has been offered to all older residents at eligible care homes in England.


If things continue to progress this way, priority groups will all receive their first vaccine by the end of February.


By remaining patient and continuing to follow government guidelines, 2021 will eventually be a huge improvement on 2020.


  1. Lockdown #1 had us outside in the sun all summer. Long, bright days were spent trying new exercise classes, going for long walks, sunbathing, reading, and whatever other hobby you decided to embrace for those few months.


Lockdown #2 was during the run-up to Christmas. Though we had to remain indoors, we had something exciting to look forward to.


Lockdown #3 is during the most depressing time of the year, with the pandemic only heightening this feeling. January is the month of short, dark, bitterly cold days where most people are enduring financial burdens.


People are less inclined to exercise outdoors during this weather and seemingly bored of the overused increasingly monotonous “self-help” guides plastered on the news and on social media.


  1. Things appear to be getting worse. Death rates, infection figures, unemployment numbers, struggles with furlough pay, redundancy…


The constant influx of news has convinced us that things are getting worse and we’re less likely to come out of lockdown. More people we know are getting Covid and the future is still looking bleak.


Things will get better, though.


We will once again be able to spend time with our families and friends, to hug and kiss our loved ones, to eat and drink with friends in a pub.


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