Last month, two of our brilliant apprentices, Hannah and Jacob, were offered permanent roles within our business and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Our amazing apprentices were featured in the Business and Innovation Magazine and Midlands Business News – they’re practically local celebs!  We’re thrilled and excited for Hannah and Jacob to join the Workforce family, and believe it’s important these success stories are shared, and that businesses understand the value of training apprentices.   We thought we’d offer our own insight into apprenticeships based on Hannah and Jacob’s experience here at Workforce. We hope this will be beneficial to aspiring apprentices and businesses alike. 

What did they do throughout the scheme?

Hannah James (19) and Jacob Beard (21), trained with us to learn about our business and the recruitment industry while earning a wage.  They worked across our various departments over the past three years, including marketing, operations, and within Workforce’s branch network. The duo have now been placed into full-time recruitment consultant roles.

What qualifications did they gain?

Hannah completed a Level 3 BTEC diploma in ICT, learning a range of skills from internet safety to the more technical aspects. She’s now a recruitment consultant, helping other people find employment.  Fellow recruitment consultant Jacob was an ICT Level 3 apprentice. During the course of his apprenticeship, he developed skills in Microsoft Office including in-depth techniques, such as formulae, presentations and macros.

What are the key benefits of apprenticeships? 

When it comes to working in recruitment, there are a number of benefits including first-hand industry experience and gaining knowledge in specific sectors. Our apprentices developed both hard and soft skills, including organisational and communication skills that are critical in customer and client-facing roles. 

Our Client Services Director, Nicky Grogan, hopes their success will inspire other young people to do apprenticeships:

“Both Hannah and Jacob have been great assets to the company during their apprenticeships and the skills they have developed through our training, combined with the outstanding work ethic they both brought with them, meant they were ideal candidates for permanent roles.  They both have bright futures and we look forward to helping them both develop further.”

A few thoughts from Hannah and Jacob:

Hannah James said: “I would not be where I am without having done an apprenticeship and I cannot recommend it enough to other young people who want to kick-start their career.”

Jacob added: “The apprenticeship gave me a fantastic grounding in business. I had considered going to university to study sport but this way I got straight to work and was being paid from day one.”

Any useful resources for those interested in apprenticeships?

If you’re considering an apprenticeship then there are a number of useful resources online, that will help place you in the right role.

  • UCAS has a website devoted to apprenticeships, including help with money, finance and funding and interviews. 
  • can help find you a role and match you with businesses across the UK.
  • The Apprenticeship Guide includes success stories, like Hannah and Jacob’s, and features a job board with businesses currently hiring apprentices.

We hope Hannah and Jacob’s story will inspire others to consider apprenticeship schemes, and businesses to consider offering schemes within their workplace. Have any burning questions? Get in touch.