We wrote a blog post earlier this week about how to behave at a Christmas party. As many of our clients are business owners and will be taking their teams out, we wanted to look at the best way to handle this. Is there a secret to making sure you enjoy the Christmas party and keep  – how can you make sure you enjoy the Christmas period and keep your employees happy?

Where can I take everyone?

Hard to get this right. If your team is large, it’ll be nigh on impossible to find something to suit everybody. An activity is likely to divide opinion – so maybe keep things like paint-balling and a panic room for smaller, inter-department celebrations.  Overall, a get-together once a year with all teams is a great way to mix things up and break down some departmental silos.

How much will it cost me?

Make sure you plan and budget or this could sting you! Whilst the whole idea is to show thanks to your team for their hard work across the year, you will probably need to set a limit. Set a budget and make sure the team know what’s included and what isn’t.  If you’re happy to pay for drinks, let the team know. It’s quite reasonable to pay for dinner and the wine that’s included with dinner, but to ask people to pay for their own drinks at the bar. Did you want to put on transport? Figure out some ways to get people picked up that won’t break the bank?

Will everyone behave themselves?

As a company owner and in today’s age of social media, you need to be careful that your staff don’t end up causing any damage to your company’s reputation with an ill-judged post on social media. We aren’t currently living in a time where any Christmas party misdemeanours might have gone unnoticed. To pre-empt any ill advised Facebook Lives from a night-club or the addition of your company’s hashtag to the Instagram story of the IT team downing Jager-Bombs, it’s worth having a sensible discussion or sending out an email beforehand so that the team know what’s acceptable on social media and what isn’t.  Nobody wants a kill-joy boss but it’s your business on the line!

When should I leave?

This is key. Once the party is getting started, you might not want to know what’s going on! So, have a plan of when you want to bail out and let the team get on with the celebrations. Have a time in mind and book a taxi – that way you won’t be tempted to join in with any drinking games.

How can we manage work the next day?

Our reliable friends over at the Daily Mail suggest that 1 in 5 will call in sick the day after the Christmas party! Apparently, IT are the most likely to call in sick (24%) but only 3% of recruiters do!!

It might be worth seeing whether you can give people a free pass to arrive an hour or so late the day after the Christmas party. Maybe some of the team would be happy to come in at the usual time (the non-drinkers perhaps) but would prefer to go home early instead? Consider some flexibility – it would be better that the team made it in to work by mid-morning than have 20% of your staff calling in sick! And Bacon Sandwiches. They are scientifically proven to reduce any Christmas party excesses by up to 75%.


What are your Christmas party plans? Have you got any tactics to survive Christmas Party season? We’d love to hear what you’re doing and where you’re going!