Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit sick of the B word (Brexit).  We felt it was important to address this issue because we have noticed that it has had an impact on our candidates, so we wanted to offer some reassurance.

Back in April, we invited Jeff Brooks to talk to our team about the impact of Brexit and you can read the blog we wrote about that here.  Back in April, Jeff talked about lack of migration since Brexit was announced and how this was impacting some sectors (especially nursing and driving).  However while Brexit rumbles on, there is no reason to put your life on-hold.

The key to being successful is about flexibility, so focussing on making sure you’re an asset to your employer (whether that’s your current employer or a potential new one) will stand you in great stead.

We’ve listed some great tips to make sure that business uncertainty isn’t having a negative impact on your career.

For any graduates, don’t be put off about applying for jobs in these uncertain Brexit times. We’ve taken some great tips from The Big Choice who have written a blog post for graduates about how they can be flexible in their career choices.

  • Open-mindedness – consider new ideas and opportunities
  • Positivity – be optimistic and forward looking
  • Creativity – research and identify new ways of planning and working
  • Adapting – change the way you work to suit the situation or environment
  • Saying yes – give things a go instead of saying no straight away

If you have several years’ experience in your chosen field, making sure you equip yourself with as many skills as you can will help you to stand out amongst your colleagues. If formal training isn’t an option, why not ask about job-shadowing with a more senior colleague or another department? This will give you more exposure to other parts of the business and will help to share ideas and opportunities within the business.

If you’ve not thought of it before, volunteering is another great way to expand your skills and demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement. Take a look at our blog about the benefits of volunteering, which you can read here.

If you commute to work or sit at lunch scrolling Instagram, why not listen to some podcasts that focus on either self-improvement or that are related to your industry. This will show your employer that you take your career seriously and are interested in progressing. Think about an area you’d like to improve and have a search for a podcast that will help you to address that area.

We can’t do anything about the uncertainty in the economy – the only thing you can do is control your reaction to any sudden market changes by thinking outside the box, having a positive attitude and making sure you’re equipping yourself as best you can in the work-place.

We’ve got a huge branch network across the West Midands, so pop in to one of our branches if you’re concerned about the possible impact of Brexit and the economy on your current role.   You can check out our branch network here or contact our team on . 0845 257 6686