Workforce has responded to the need to help our clients with filling their hard-to-fill vacancies fast with digital application technology.  Although record low unemployment has been a welcome boost for the economy in the West Midlands, we’ve noticed that it has left businesses struggling to fill jobs, so the team were keen to invest in digital application services so that we could get people in to our roles quickly.

To manage the project, we’ve promoted Lucy Cotterill and she will see Workforce’s Kidderminster office become a recruitment centre for interview and selection, with vacancy management, customer service, worker induction and training offered from our Worcester office in Foregate Street.

Lucy, who has been with Workforce for five years, said: “We are constantly reviewing how we work and how we provide our services to meet the changing needs of our clients. This means we have to be ahead of those changes and ready to meet them as soon as our clients have vacancies. Our Kidderminster and Worcester offices will now focus on different areas but we see huge benefits in the months and years ahead as digitalisation grows.”

We are also expecting that the food and supply chain markets will grow which will lead to Workforce taking on more staff over the next year.

Workforce Quality and Compliance Director Trudy Harding said: “The labour market has changed dramatically and with unemployment now less than 4% we have recognised the need to continue to invest in ways that keep our team effective and competitive in the hunt for fresh applications.

“We register more than 50,000 applications annually and with Worcestershire our most prominent area we’ve invested in new technology and advertising campaigns to keep attracting people to vacancies in all the right places.”

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