Customer experience has changed significantly over the years, and this is largely due to technological advances and businesses having to adopt an online presence. This has changed how businesses are interacting with job seekers – it’s no longer enough to simply exist, recruiters have to engage with candidates online to offer the best service.

At Workforce, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure customer experience – for both our clients and candidates – is seamless. Going digital helps businesses engage with a wider market, and this helps diversify the workforce in the long run.

We believe in investing in innovative methods that provide solutions to challenges faced in recruitment today. Here are some of the methods we swear by – some of which, we hope, will benefit other businesses too. 



  • Digital is best: how using technology keeps our business relevant

    The future is digital. Most of us use our mobile devices to access content, plan our lives and communicate with our network, and the same goes for job hunting. Therefore, it’s vital that websites are mobile-friendly. We have a wide reach on our social channels – 38,000 a month, to be exact. We also integrate our application systems with LinkedIn, so candidates are just one click away from applying for their dream job. 

  • Integrated IT systems for an improved service

    We apply integrated IT systems for best practice. Our approach is holistic, we offer a range of digital services including screening and vetting, MI reporting and a customer portal to match our clients with the most suitable candidates. Our digital approach improves transparency and accuracy for a more streamlined process.
  • Digital platforms to foster growth

    Our eLearning platform has over 100 industry-focused online courses, helping businesses stay relevant within the industry they’re placed. It’s a great way to address any skill-gaps and enhance employee skills and productivity, too.

  • AI and automation: assisting with communication

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are terms we can’t escape at the moment. It may seem strange to suggest AI as a means of communication, but if used in the right way, it can help connect candidates with the right businesses at a faster rate. Chatbots can assist with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, enabling skilled recruiters to apply their, well, skills. 

  •  Recruitment trends on the rise

    There are a number of recruitment trends that are changing the face of recruitment across the globe. Here are our top picks:


  • Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular – they’re especially ideal for those who want to look for roles on-the-go. Our recruitment apps provide a fast and efficient service for our clients and candidates. 
  • Social recruiting is one of the most effective ways recruiters can engage with graduates and first-time job seekers.

We’re continuously looking for new and better ways to improve our customer experience. If you have any ideas or need help placing a candidate, contact us today!