This past year (2018–2019), the UK employment rate has seen a record high. Fantastic news for the employment and labour market nationwide, however, it does mean that the business of recruitment – and positioning job seekers – is becoming more challenging. 


At Workforce, our recruitment team processes more than 50,000 job applications every year. We have a 98% average fulfilment rate and 98% of our candidates are satisfied with their new role – a figure we’re extremely proud of. 


There are many ways you can improve your recruitment strategy and attract the best talent, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Not sure where to start? Fear not! As leading recruiter in the West Midlands, we’ve combined our industry knowledge and expertise, to share effective recruitment strategies that really work. 


Engage with job seekers 

Communication is key. We engage with our candidates firsthand through our mobile-optimised website, our social media platforms and our branch network. This 1-2-1 experience offers job seekers a personal experience, which is vital during what is often a very stressful time. 

Finds ways to reach out to job-seekers, this could be via your database of candidates, recruitment centres, job boards or referrals.

Get creative on social media – why not open up a question time on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn one day a week, during a small window (e.g. Fridays between 2–4pm), and ask job seekers to submit questions. You could even have themed Q&As  such as CV workshop, Interview Tips – a great way to engage with graduates and first-time job seekers. 

Use tools that improve overall efficiency

For a talent acquisition strategy that’s both sustainable and efficient, consider fail-safe methods such as referencing and employee referrals, combined with innovative approaches, such as flat-fee recruitment and marketing campaigns.

The Staffing Platform is a flat-fee product for both temporary staffing and permanent recruitment. It’s a smarter, quicker, cost-friendly way to recruit 10-1000 permanent staff per annum at a flat-fee per-hire, with reduced risk. Ideal for an ongoing need to grow your workforce. It gives fast results and no more percentage-based fees. 

Revisit your application process 


Ensure your application process is streamlined, relevant and easy to apply. Applicants are put off by lengthy applications which can be a real deterrent, especially for highly-skilled job seekers. 


Put aside plenty of time to read CVs, and create interview questions that test the candidate’s competencies and suitability. Set clear expectations and consider implementing a probation period. 


Ensure diversity is at the forefront of your mind. Inclusivity should be fostered at every level, as it encourages different perspectives and gives employees of varying backgrounds equal opportunities to succeed. 


Always be on the lookout for fresh talent


To stay in-tune with the marketplace, managers should aim to meet at least one new talent a month. This will give you a realistic view of the standard within your industry, and in turn, it’ll help you identify any existing employees that are underachieving. 


Consider offering employee referrals, and reward existing staff each time a new candidate is placed via the scheme. If there’s a monetary incentive, employees are more likely to engage and suggest contacts in their network.


How can we help your business thrive?


Recruiters have a wider view of the marketplace and can help businesses put a solid recruitment strategy into place. We can combine our knowledge of the candidate and local market together to give you the best results possible, and advise you about what you can realistically achieve with your budget. 

Want us to help your business find the best talent? Get in touch today to speak with a member of our team.