This week it’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is body image. First impressions are really important in job interviews – job interviews are regularly described as one of the top anxiety-provoking situations in life! So here are four ways your outfit choice can help make you feel better and more confident in an interview: 

  1. Dressing appropriately – you want to make sure that your outfit matches up with the role you’ve applied for. ‘Dressing the part’ can help boost your confidence, which can potentially increase your chances in securing the position. The more confident you feel, the better you come across.   
  2. Make sure you’re comfortable – dress smart, but feel comfortable. Interviews can be very vulnerable situations for most of us. The last thing you want to add to your list is wearing uncomfortable clothing, that leaves you feeling unconfident (or worse, fidgeting with clothing which is really distracting during an interview!) 
  3. Choose the correct footwear – This links in with tip number two – make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear and ladies, wear shoes that you can walk in! Being late causes stress in all situations, don’t let the wrong pair of shoes be a reason to make you stressed on the day.
  4. Be yourself – There’s always a way to express yourself. Don’t feel the urge to conform to anything or anyone else but you-you are an expert on yourself. Employers love to see personality, and you’ll feel your best knowing that you’re being yourself.  

 Keep an eye out on the mental awareness week website they’ll be releasing articles and research findings on body image and mental health all week! If you you’d like to find out on stress and how it affects you in the workplace check out our blog on reducing stress in the workplace. 

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