For many businesses, finding the right team is a constant challenge. Is it more important to have a degree in your chosen field, heaps of experience or a passion for learning new things? How do you make sure that your business has the right culture so that you can attract the best people – and keep them with you? CEO of Workforce Paul Alekna is passionate about providing a productive, motivational workplace for staff. “Workforce is a great place to work. We offer flexibility and variety in terms of your career progression, listening to what you want to learn and how you would like your career to develop and progress.

“I used to work in IT and technology but opted to move into recruitment as I wanted a broader understanding of running businesses, which recruitment provides! I was able to immerse myself within different companies and industries, gaining better understanding of their workings. Doing so has given me a strong understanding of how companies resource teams and manage their business, and I can see the clear distinction between types of businesses, and how each one is different and unique.”

Many staff at Workforce have either done the job that they are currently recruiting for, such as transport managers and logistics planners. As Paul explains, “We also look for people with the right attitude, drive and skills, like valuable communication and customer service, which they can easily bring with them and transfer over into recruitment if they’ve got no experience within the recruitment sector itself. For example, we’ve taken on people with a background in sales, retail and marketing and trained them up in our programme.”

The Workforce training programme includes:
• A week-long induction
• Weekly one-to-one coaching
• Weekly desk support on systems and processes
• Ongoing sales training

“After six months, we offer the opportunity to study for an accredited Recruitment Diploma,” Paul says. “More than 65% of our consultants have a Recruitment Diploma that Workforce has sponsored, and this diploma helps them further their understanding of recruitment process and the industry in general.”

We recently spoke with Collete Ewens who has completed her Recruitment Diploma at Workforce. She explains, “Being asked to take part in the Management Diploma was an opportunity I did not want to miss out on. This fitted perfectly with my development plan within Workforce and how I wanted my career to develop. I was given great support from Managers and my Tutor to ensure I completed the diploma. Workforce trusted me to take on extra responsibilities to be able to complete my evidence. Since I have completed the Diploma, I have been promoted within the business and thoroughly enjoying my new position. I would highly recommend working at Workforce as your training and development is taken very seriously.”