When our work environment is busy or our to-do lists seem to be never-ending, many of us can become stressed and anxious about deadlines, projects and work-related tasks. April is National Stress Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect time to evaluate the level of stress you experience at work. It’s also a good opportunity to try out relaxation techniques for those times when you want to feel a little more zen. We’ve written up four techniques below, which are easy to incorporate into your work day.

1. Declutter and organise 

Tidying your desk and work space can make you feel that little bit more in control. Decluttering and organising the area in which you work will make things easier to find, while also giving you something new to think about and focus onCollate loose papers, file paperwork into labelled folders and clear out your desk drawers, too.

2. Deep breathing 

This sounds very simple but it’s effective and easy to do at your work desk. It can help to slow down your heart rate, encourage your mind and body to relax, and will give you something to focus on. Breathe in through your nose for around four seconds, hold it for four to six seconds, and then breathe out through your mouth for at least five seconds. Take your time and focus solely on your breath.


3.Five-minute slowdown  

Take just five minutes out of your day to simply slow down. Try to either sit down away from your desk or go for a stroll outside. The five-minute slowdown is a great way to step away from your work space and get a change of scene for just a few minutes, helping to clear your headspace.  

 4. Body scan  

Sit in a chair and close your eyes. Very slowly work your way from your toes all the way up to your head, giving yourself a mental body scan. Note any areas of tension, pain or pressure, and as you go, gently let each muscle relax and release any tension that you may be experiencing. This will help to bring calm to your mind and body, while taking your headspace away from any stressful thoughts because you’ll be focusing solely on the mental body scan. 

This National Stress Awareness Month, think about the little things that you can do and incorporate into your daily work routine to improve your wellness and wellbeing. Whether it’s taking five minutes every day to some deep breathing or decluttering your desk every other week, it’s important to reduce work stress.