Without planning and distribution, we would experience worldwide shortages of food, fuel, and goods, so it’s clear that logistics is an important part of our livesEvery company uses logistics in one way or another, and if you’re considering a career in logistics, we’ve come up with our top five reasons why it can be a great choice.  

1: It’s not focused on education levels. 

The majority of logistics jobs don’t require degree-level education. Everyone from truck drivers and managers to executives and forklift operators can be trained and work their way up to where they want to be. If you’re willing to learn and take on responsibilities, you can develop your logistics career at a pace that suits you, working from entry-level roles to managers and directors. There are so many levels and facets that there is a great opportunity for progression and advancement within the logistics sector.  

2: It’s not location-specific. 

Some careers require you to relocate to specific cities or regions. However, a career in logistics can be based anywhere, from working at a magazine dealing with deliveries and distribution to a role in a large corporation where you could be responsible for teams of people in a warehouse hub or large distribution centre. You can even find great logistics jobs at sea ports, as these are major distribution areas. Your logistics career can take you anywhere in the world that you want it to go. 

3It’s a stepping stone into other sectors. 

Workforce’s Dean Williams explains more. “We take a lot of logistics managers into recruitment as they know a good candidate when they see one as they’ve already done the job. Logistics is a good career choice because you can start off in an entry position with limited qualifications but can work your way up and take on some qualifications through part-time or evening study, which will really help your career. 

4: Build valuable relationships and contacts. 

Logistics is a great field for networking and building relationships. Many logistics employees work in distribution centres developing strong working relationships with colleagues, team members and senior staff. Building up such valuable contacts and networking with people in logistics will benefit you and help to advance your career. 

5: You won’t get bored! 

The variety of work within the logistics sector will allow you to progress and move between roles, and the roles themselves are interesting and fast-paced. You’ll likely have opportunities to work within different areas thanks to peak logistics periods like the festive season. This means that you’ll quickly learn new skills, which are advantageous on your CV and transferrable into other sectors, such as recruitment.  

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