Friday 1st March was the Employee Appreciation Day. Our employees are our biggest asset – they keep our businesses running and moving forwards. Rewarding and showing that you’re grateful to staff can make a significant, positive impact, helping to boost morale, encourage productivity and increase motivation in your workplace. 

We’ve written up some key ways to reward your employees and show them just how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to their job. Whatever sector your business is in and whatever type of company you have, there are top tips for every business.  

Financial rewards 

Employees work efficiently and productively if they know they are getting paid what they deserve for their work and responsibilities. If they feel underpaid, they will usually leave. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly assess your salary levels to ensure your company is at least paying the industry standards.  

Likewise, if staff consistently meet targets, could you offer a financial reward such as a monthly bonus? This will show how much you appreciate their hard work and give them recognition for achieving both individual and company-wide goals. 

Sports memberships 

A healthy workforce is very important. You should encourage your staff to look after their wellbeing and health, and exercise plays a big part in this. If you can offer sports or gym memberships to your employees, this is a great way of showing your appreciation by encouraging them to improve their fitness, wellness and overall happiness both in and out of work. This also benefits your business as employees are less likely to have sick days if they’re exercising, getting fit and keeping active. 

Fruit deliveries 

Leading on from sports or gym memberships, offering staff the chance to pick out some healthy snacks from a monthly delivery of fruit from a local farmer will show that you are thinking about your employees’ wellbeing and diet. Encouraging healthy eating is an important part of maintaining a positive, healthy workforce who are happy in their jobs and lives in general. 

Employee of the Month 

Set up a monthly recognition scheme that highlights a particularly great team player or member of staff who has recently made a significant contribution to the company. Many companies have now incorporated Employee of the Month awards, which recognise achievements and show appreciation to employees. Remember that it’s important to make sure it’s a fair awards system in which managers can all nominate employees, for example. The criteria for winning the Employee of the Month award should be clear and achievable. 

Flexible hours 

If your staff want to pick their children up from school or maybe squeeze an hour-long gym session in before starting their working day, you should consider offering employees flexible working hours. Instead of using this as a reward, it should be a scheme that shows that you recognise the importance of family and a work/life balanceand highlights your appreciation of employees’ hard work and dedication to hobbies both in and out of the workplace. 

Say thank you 

One of the best ways of showing your appreciation and gratitude is simply saying “Thank you!” Whether a member of your team has met deadlines earlier than expected or maybe they’ve picked up some extra jobs and responsibilities, it’s important to thank them for their efforts. Be it face-to-face, in a written letter, on the phone or via email, saying thank you is a great way to show your appreciation. 


So get going with the top tips above and show your employees just how much you appreciate them and the work they do within your company! If you’re looking to hire more employees on either temporary or permanent contracts, contact us today to see how we can help.