In a fast-paced working world, temporary roles are a convenient form of employment for businesses. It means companies can get extra help in their busy periods without committing to permanent contracts. However, temping also has many advantages for candidates. It’s not uncommon for job-seekers to look at temporary roles in a negative light, but if you haven’t yet considered temping as an option, you definitely should. We’ve come up with a few top advantages of getting a temporary position. 

1. Open up new doors 

Even if the role is just a short-term contract, be it a few weeks or a couple of months, getting your foot in the door opens up more opportunities within the same company. If they can’t offer you an extension on your temporary contract, if you were to apply to the company again in the future, it would work in your favour that you’ve been employed there before, presuming you made a good impression and worked hard. 

2. Temporary to permanent 

It’s common that job vacancies are advertised as a temporary-to-permanent opportunity. Therefore, provided that you’ve impressed the company and met your job targets, you stand a good chance of making the role permanent. If they can’t afford to take you on permanently, many companies will at least ask you to extend the length of your temporary contract. 

3. Experience, experience, experience 

There’s no better way to gain experience! If you’re in the early stages of building your career, temping can offer you a wide range of experiences in various different roles, companies and industries. You’ll also learn about the industry, the company’s workings and even pick up some new skills. These skills can enrich your CV. 

4. Test drive! 

Working in temporary roles can help you assess exactly what type of role and career you want, and the type of company you want to work for. Temping is a fantastic way of working out what you like, what you don’t like, and whether you prefer working for smaller start-ups or large corporations.

5. Show them what you know 

Temping is the perfect time to prove yourself. The world of work is very competitive so the more evidence there is of your experience, knowledge and expertise, the better. Apply your current experience and knowledge to your temp role and responsibilities. When you temp for a recruitment agency and the company gives great feedback, the agency is more likely to remember you and offer you further roles in the future.

6. Networking 

It’s not just what you know. It’s who you know, as well. Temping can help you meet a wide range of fantastic people and, as long as you make a good impression and do your job well, these people are likely to remember you. Whether you keep in touch with them as friends or simply ask them for a reference later down the line, it can be advantageous to meet lots of different people, and this is easy to do when you take up temporary roles in several different companies, as it generally means you have to work closely with new people or within a team. 

7. Income 

If you know temping isn’t for you but you’re struggling to find the ideal permanent position, taking a temporary role can be useful in providing you an income stream while your permanent job search continues.  

8. Flexibility 

In a temp role, you are in control of your career and jobs. If you complete your three-month temporary contract and now want to move elsewhere, you can! It would be a very different situation in a permanent role, where you would have to give notice. 

Temporary employment contracts may not be for everyone, but there are many reasons why they can be advantageous! If you’re interested in taking up a temporary position, contact us today. You should never turn down a temporary role just because it’s temporary. If it’s something you interested in, you should go for it, as you never know where it may take you! 

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