It’s 2019, and a new year often calls for an assessment of achievements, priorities and resolutions for the coming months. It’s a time to work out where changes need to be made, and what you want to continue working on from last year. When it comes to your job, this is the perfect time to make lasting, positive changes. Here are our top 10 resolutions that could make a big difference to your career. 

1. Stop clock-watching 

If you’re one of those who checks the clock every half an hour or counts down the hours and minutes until your next break, are you really enjoying your job? Clock-watchers are often uninspired and unmotivated in their current roles, so maybe it’s time for you to quit clock-watching and start looking for a new job.

2. Work out where you’re going 

If you’ve had some doubts about your career path or had some niggling thoughts about whether it’s going in the right direction, this is the time to take a step back. Figure out where you want to be in one month, six months, one year and five years – and how you’re going to get there. Looking at your current situation in these stages will help you work out whether your current workplace offers employees enough motivation, inspiration and development, and whether your current career path is taking you down the right route.

3. Get that pay-rise 

If you’re happy with the company you’re currently working at and you want to stay where you are, this is the year to work towards a pay-rise. Talk to your manager about the next steps and whether you can take on any more responsibility to reach that next pay bracket. They should be more than happy to give you clear targets, which then means you can put a plan into action. 

4. Update your CV 

Whether you’re looking for a new job or not, you should always keep your CV up to date. If you’re a job-seeker and your CV is poorly structured, out of date or difficult to read, it’s likely to be ignored. While you’re at it, update your social media platforms and portfolio, if you have one, too. 

5. Organise your job search 

If you’re actively looking for a new job and you haven’t had much luck so far, make getting organised your top priority. Write out your ideal roles and make a list of companies you want to work for – you could even make a spreadsheet to keep track of when you’ve applied for roles, whether you’ve heard back and whether you’ve asked for feedback on your CV. This will ensure you’re doing everything you can to find that new job.  

6. Stay relevant within your industry 

This is a good resolution whether you’re looking for a new job or not. It’s important to keep your social media pages up to date, follow accounts relevant to your sector, and even update your LinkedIn page regularly. At We Are Workforce, we always advertise jobs and communicate with potential candidates via social platforms. You never know – you might have a LinkedIn connection give you a job offer you can’t refuse!  

7. Expand your network 

Networking can sound intimidating, but all it means is making connections and spotting opportunities. Networking can take place in a variety of ways, from connecting with people on LinkedIn or Twitter to attending client dinners or local business events. Make sure you ask for business cards and details of any useful contacts or potential clients. 

8. Learn a new skill 

Whether you’ve been in your current job or industry for two years or 12 years, there’s always something new to learn. There are hundreds of skills that could benefit your current role and responsibilities but also your wider career. At We Are Workforce, we set individual productivity goals for every successful candidate that we place in to a role as we think this is really helpful for new starters and new managers to have some initial goals to focus on during their probationary period.   

9. Measure your work/life balance 

If you’ve been skipping your lunch breaks and working past home time, or find yourself looking at your work emails while you’re watching TV at home, it’s time to think about your work/life balance. Everyone needs to be able to completely switch off from their work schedule, and this is all the more important now that we have access to work emails and other work-related platforms at home. Sometimes the distinction between work and home life can become blurred. Find some time every evening to ‘unplug’ and do something unrelated to your phone, laptop and social media.  

10. Quit 

If you have had doubts about your current role for some time, this is a great resolution. Leaving your job doesn’t mean you’ve failed; instead, it means you’re acting on your gut feelings and making positive changes to better your career and future. Having said this, don’t quit without a plan of action. Research your opportunities and have a plan in place before handing in your letter of resignation. 

Whether you choose to focus on one or two of these resolutions or make a detailed list of your plans and goals for 2019, we hope this list has inspired you, whether you’re looking for a new job or continuing to develop in a role you already enjoy and feel passionate about. We Are Workforce has eight branches that work together to find you the perfect job. Whether you’re looking for a temporary role or a permanent position, contact us today. Visit our website, email or call 0845 257 6686.