All work and no play can be boring. It’s important for employers to keep their staff motivated and maintain high productivity levels by creating a positive company culture. But how can companies create a positive culture and what are the benefits?  

What is a ‘positive company culture’? 

Even though it’ll make you popular, leaving doughnuts on employees’ desks and handing out cupcakes at the end of the day is far from creating a positive company culture. It’s much more a way of life and workplace lifestyle for employees. 

In short, it’s about rewarding achievements and successes, creating open and honest communication between all levels of staff from interns to directors, and maintaining levels of motivation, productivity and happiness within the workplace. 

Many companies focus on their customers, products or sales, forgetting about a fundamental part of their business: their workforce. It’s important to look after and encourage staff to do well, improve, develop and, consequently, help your business perform at its best. Organisations with positive company cultures make employees feel considered, valued and rewarded. In turn, these companies tend to have greater success as a business because staff are engaged, interested in their responsibilities and happy with their workplace. 


The benefits of a positive company culture 

Creating a culture in which all employees have shared values and positive attitudes towards work can result in many benefits for you as an employer and business owner. Here’s just a few key benefits of maintaining a positive company culture: 

  1. Improved collaboration and teamwork
  2. Increased motivation levels 
  3. Enhanced workforce loyalty 
  4. Higher morale 
  5. Improved staff engagement 
  6. Increased productivity 

How to achieve it 

So now you want to know how to achieve it. There isn’t a set rule, but there are several things you can do within your workforce and company to increase positivity and a wider collaborative culture. Here’s a handy list: 

1. Review your company values 

It’s important to reflect on your company’s values, what you want to achieve as a business and your mission statements. Get your workforce involved in evaluating your current company values and be open about altering or changing them to improve your overall company culture. Allowing the whole team to collaboratively review the company values will motivate individuals as they’ve had a chance to give their opinion. And this leads us onto our next point… 

2. Be open to new ideas 

Encouraging your staff to suggest new ideas and targets will make them feel valued and is a fantastic way of improving your company culture. It encourages employees to have an opinion, back up their thoughts with evidence, and feel confident that they can openly communicate with you. Creating an open, honest and supportive environment will motivate a positive company culture. It’s important that this becomes an integral part of your internal communication approach and not a one-off session; employees, regardless of their level within the company, should feel able to discuss ideas with you at any time, and it will soon become a normal part of the positive company culture. 

3. Reward successes 

We may have mentioned that doughnuts and cupcakes are not a sure-fire way of creating a positive company culture, but giving credit, offering recognition for achievements and rewarding successes is an effective way of improving morale and, in turn, significantly improving company culture. Whether it’s a ‘well done’ at the end of a long meeting or ‘team player of the month’ award, nurturing and rewarding development and progression within the workplace will make employees feel valued and motivated. 

4. Have fun 

Take your serious boss hat off and inject some humour into the day-to-day running of your business. When stress levels are high or employees are feeling the pressure, having some fun will help to improve morale and increase creativity. From team lunches or after work drinks to a day-long break away from the office for some paint-balling entertainment, employees having fun will also be employees who enjoy working for your company. Make fun, humour and team-building activities a regular part of your workplace, and it will contribute to improving your positive company culture. 

Make a point to work on your company culture and you could soon notice an improvement in morale, staff loyalty and overall success levels. If you’re looking for new employees to fill temporary or permanent positions in your company, contact We Are Workforce. We support employers of all sizes by providing the people you need to help your business succeed and grow. Email or call 0845 2576686.