Whatever type of company you have, the mind-set and happiness of your employees plays a key part in your business being a success. They are the driving force in your company and, if they are happy and motivated, they will actively want to achieve bigger things, meet milestones and see the business flourish. So, how should you keep employees happy and motivated?

  1. Keep tabs on the work/life balance

Remember that it should never be work, work, work. Team members may start to leave if work overwhelms everything else in their lives.

One key thing to ensure is that every member of staff is taking their full lunch break instead of working through it. But you should consider offering larger-scale opportunities, such as flexible working hours. For example, parents may like to pick up their children from school on a Friday afternoon. In which case, they could work those three hours on different days earlier in the week. It works for everyone – you don’t lose any working hours from your employee, and they get to leave early.

  1. Provide clear career paths

Employees want to know what’s in store for them and like to be assured that there’s a clear career path stretched out ahead of them at your business, so one of the best incentives you can offer is clear career progression. After all, one of the main reasons that good employees leave is because they think there are no more opportunities to move up the ladder in your company.

Ask staff whether they would like extra training, time off for seminars and conferences to learn more about the industry, or maybe the company could offer subscriptions to particular journals or websites. Also, be prepared for employees to request moves, such as a transfer to another branch of your company to gain experience in a new area, or a move between roles. Strive to give your employees something more than the nine to five routine, and they’ll repay you with commitment to the business.

  1. Recognise achievements

It can feel unrewarding to work hard and keep achieving goals without any recognition of these achievements so motivate your staff with regular rewards and say thank you. This could mean giving a monthly bonus or pay rise or setting up an ‘employee of the month’ scheme, giving company-wide recognition and a physical or financial reward for winning.

If you have a shared online platform for your employees, you could have a ‘Highlights’ page where you post about individuals’ good customer service, for example, and each employee mentioned on the page goes into a monetary prize draw at the end of the month.

Remember that some employees – such as new team members – might not necessarily meet targets in their first few weeks in the company. In this case, you should recognise and praise incremental steps and smaller achievements instead.

  1. Listen to your employees

If staff feel ignored, they will quickly lose motivation and become less productive. Setting up genuine channels of communication will not only make each member of the team feel like you’re interested in their opinions but will also provide you with a useful way to stay in touch with them. You should regularly ask about important issues, both company-wide and within smaller groups of employees.

Giving your employees a voice and taking on-board their opinions will open up a new stream of ideas, thoughts and questioning.

  1. Offer more responsibility

Sometimes staff can become unproductive or demotivated because their job role is too easy. Hand over more responsibility wherever you can – this not only benefits you as an employer but also makes the staff member feel more valued.

If you’re unsure what type of extra responsibility to give employees, this is the time to communicate. Ask them what they’re interested in, what else they’d like to learn and what they like to do outside of work. Could they spend two hours per week in the company’s marketing department, taking responsibility for some of the social media content? This would be sure-fire way of providing more responsibility and offering more room for personal improvement and workplace development.


Put these five key steps into action and you’ll notice your team become motivated and happy about where they work. It’s so important to encourage and maintain overall productivity as well as thinking about each employee as an individual. Career prospects, recognition for achievements and clear communication will provide a firm basis for keeping your team happy.

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