Workforce scaling the heights of the Yorkshire dales…

Jun 22, 2017

Joe Alekna and his Workforce team recently scaled the heights of the Yorkshire Dales by taking part in the popular Three Peaks Challenge. Joe, Inna Shipley, Jennifer Wheeler, Anton Delli-Bovi and Jacob Beard all took on the challenge to  raise money for Primrose Hospice, one of our chosen charities. They completed the challenge in 10 hours and 30 minutes and were delighted not just with the time, but to finish too!

The challenge was hard going for the team they had a lot of ups and downs trying to stay motivated and keep on going through the pain. The team pulled through sticking by each other’s side making sure that everyone carried on pushing.




Joe, said: “Our small group kept

each other going through some difficult conditions but to walk the tallest mountains in Yorkshire was a brilliant experience. It felt great to finish on time and raise £1,000 for a charity which achieves so much for people.”

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