Sponsored Business Lunch for Primrose Hospice

May 2, 2017

In February we sponsored a business Lunch to help raise money for  Primrose Hospice, in total we managed to raise a significant amount for Primrose Hospice – whilst donating money to the charity ourselves

Amongst the 120 guests at Grafton Manor was Bromsgrove MP and Secretary of State for Communities Sajid Javid, who took questions on a variety of business topics in a session chaired by BBC presenter, Joanne Malin.

Joe Alekna,  the Managing Director, also spoke about how we are planning to give further support to the hospice over the coming months.

Joe said: “This is a new partnership between Workforce and Primrose Hospice, which provides essential care to people and their families at what is a very difficult time. We are planning to hold more events to help raise as much money as possible for a great local charity.”

Kate Kelly, corporate fundraising manager at Primrose Hospice, said: “The Business Lunch was a fantastic event which has given us a much-needed fundraising boost. We are very grateful to Workforce for their support. Everyone who attended donated so generously.”

Primrose Hospice needs £1.75 million every year to keep running all its services, but gets less than a fifth of its funding from the NHS. The charity relies heavily on voluntary donations. It offers a Day Hospice, Home Service and Family Support.

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